Since December of 2018, we have held our Annual Santa's Workshop at The Cherrity Bar and Spaghetti Warehouse. Our Santa's Workshops are free holiday themed events to promote commUNITY, joy, happiness, empowerment and cheer. We do these because December has the record for the month with the highest suciide rates and hospital admission rate increase due to the sadness, hurt, and sorrow that some feel during this month. Each year, we like to add more to these events. Check out photos from our past and present Santa's Workshop.

We would like to extend a special Thank You to all the wonderful and hardworking volunteers from IBC Charitable & Community Development Corporation who came to make this event another success and for making HUG ME Ink one of your "A Brighter Christmas" Campaign recipients.

2019 - Spaghetti Warehouse (December 21, 2019)

***just a taste to see what is coming***

2019 - The Cherrity Bar (December 14, 2019)

2018 (The Cherrity Bar and Spaghetti Warehouse)

Coming 2020 - Stay Tuned For More Details